Andrei Cosmin’s “THE COMPOSER” a Short Film is Coming Soon

THE COMPOSER – Madness in the Music


Andrei Cosmin has announced a film named “THE COMPOSER” from his Facebook account.

The Composer is a short film written and Co-directed by Peter Gordon Uliano. It is Peter Gordon Uliano’s first dive into writing and directing as he has previously only been billed as a producer and an actor. Mr. Uliano has had this script for a while, in hopes of producing a short film to use as a pitch for a feature-length film in the future. The film has a budget of only $100 and is set to be distributed and screened through a website he set up

The cast consists of only two actors one of which is acting as a director also. Mr. Uliano said he plans to submit the short film to a variety of festivals and thinks it stands a chance at winning some of them. The short is about a serial killer and the tag line leaves room for the imagination “Madness in the Music”


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